Kamis, 27 November 2008


A massive mountain, Mount Batur, dominates the district of Kintamani, in the Bangli Regency, which is still an active volcano. The Hindu population of Bali considers Mount Batur a sacred mountain. Its explosion, however, did not only cause death and obliteration but paradoxically had a constructive side, the slopes of the mountain and the areas nearby it (where the large Lake Batur is) have turned out to be extremely productive as the effect of the ashes

The area has become very productive for the growing of oranges, banana trees and coffee plants. Many villages are dispersed at the foot of the mountain, such as Songan, Toya Bungkah, Kedisan, Abang and Trunyan.

The special custom for the tourists who come to enjoy the very amiable climate, the natural beauties as well as very unique tradition continued by the villagers, not only they do not cremate the body of their deceased, they do not even bury them. They are simply left on a stone platform in the village cemetery.

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